A Moral Dilemma?



Is an esoteric philosophy which appears to have no morality, no ethical boundaries, and no one in authority to declaim what is not acceptable, in some way culpable for despicable, dishonourable, deeds which some self-declared adherents do or propagate in its name?

This is the dilemma we faced before deciding to develop our own Hebdomian Way after some years of following an example of that type of authority-less philosophy for while we understood it did have ethical boundaries, which we endeavoured to explain in a fourteen page tract published in October 2021, they were so well hidden by a ‘Labyrinthos Mythologicus’ that only one or two individuals per decade discovered them.

The glib answer in regard to such culpability, used by some stalwarts of that esoteric philosophy, is that no, it is not responsible and cannot be held responsible citing as proof its anarchic nature. To us, this seemed disingenuous and against those ethical boundaries which only a few in over four decades had discovered.

Can something anarchic in nature open to various interpretations and misinterpretations – and thus to the whims of individuals – serve as a means to wisdom? We did not believe so and thus developed our own esotericism. As we wrote:
[The] Hebdomian Way returns to the primary hermetic source since the essence of that Way is changing the individual through pathei-mathos – πάθει μάθος, the personal learning or discovery resulting from practical experiences and challenges – with everything external or internal to this considered as unnecessary, unhelpful, and distractive. {1}
Thus, it is our conclusion that that authority-less esoteric philosophy should be considered as defunct by those who by hermetic or other means seek Lapis Philosophicus; for even though it did preserve some ancient esoteric traditions and developed some new useful ones such as The Star Game {2} its moral defects render it unsuitable as a modern practical guide to Lapis Philosophicus.

The Seven Oxonians
February 2023


{1} Abandoning The O9A, https://sevenoxonians.files.wordpress.com/2023/03/abandoning-the-o9a-v3.pdf

{2} See Noesis And The Star Game and The Noetic Star Game (pp.19-25) of Abandoning The O9A.