A Disgrace


In a recent article on the Luxlycaonis website the author wrote, in reference to our missive O9A: A Moral Dilemma? {1} that

“For a tradition that prides itself on honor and the integrity required to uphold it, it’s disgraceful that anyone claiming association with this tradition can stand idly by…”

But the reality was that all of them did “stand idly by” for over four years – 2018-2022 – and that during that time we were the only ones who publicly contradicted, with reference to primary O9A sources, the perfidy, the mendacity, of the Establishment and its savants {2} – such as those who prosecuted Ethan Melzer – who were not, in the words of the author of that Luxlycaonis website article:

“interested in logic-chopping, fact-based argumentation, or any evidence […] They are interested in one thing: erecting a strawman in the mires of their moral Gethsemane worthy of chopping down.”

Our foundations in developing our non-Longusian Hebdomian Way {3} were: (a) the knowledge that it was a natural part of the Seven Fold Way that those who had journeyed a certain distance would or should develop their own esoteric Way, and (b) that our focus was on the quest, by others and ourselves, for Lapis Philosophicus in accord with the primary sources of ancient hermeticism as embodied in the Greek texts of the Corpus Hermeticum, sources which the translations and commentaries of Myatt have esoterically illuminated. {4}

That is all.


{1} https://sevenoxonians.wordpress.com/2023/02/25/a-moral-dilemma/

{2} Savant is O9A-speak for someone who is supine and/or who appeases or who soothes their master or masters, often by agreeing with them or doing their bidding. The usage is from the Icelandic

{3} Abandoning The O9A,

{4} Corpus Hermeticum: Eight Tractates,