Julius Evola, The Seven Fold Way, And The Corpus Hermeticum


Julius Evola, The Seven Fold Way, And The Corpus Hermeticum


* Evola And The Septenary.
* Corpus Hermeticum.
* Hermeticism: A New Insight.
* Conclusion.
* Appendix: A Guide To The Hebdomian Way.
* Footnotes.

Both the Longusian Seven Fold Way and the more recent Hebdomian Way are modern hermetic quests for Lapis Philosophicus. For decades, those associated with the esoteric tradition of the septenary system (ἑβδομάς) which forms an integral part of the Occult philosophy of the Longusian tradition have maintained not only that their septenary system has ancient roots and is far older than the medieval Hebrew Kabbalah used by most other modern Western Occultists, but also that it is in essence a hermetic philosophy. As is the non-Longusian Hebdomian Way.

Such links to ancient hermeticism are particularly obvious when the insights and understanding of Julius Evola as manifest in his La Tradizione Ermetica are considered in the context of those two modern hermetic quests, The Star Game, and Myatt’s translation of and commentary on tractates of the Corpus Hermeticum.